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Watch Lorenzo Cain give a running play-by-play to Salvador Perez's Instagram videos

Artists are always in search of their muse: Picasso had Marie-Thérèse Walter, Man Ray found inspiration in Kiki de Montparnasse and Salvador Perez has Lorenzo Cain. Judging solely by Perez's Instagram output, his favorite non-baseball pastime is following Cain around and bothering him like a little brother. 

YES Network recently caught up with Cain and let him give some running commentary on Perez's short films. 

Cain knows that Perez would be nothing without the star of his shots. "He's made a lot of extra Instagram fans because of me. Half of his followers belong to me," the outfielder said. Though he also admits, "There's no stopping him." 
If you were wondering what Perez's perspective on all of this, well, you're in luck: