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Presenting all of the fantastic outtakes from the Royals' awkward all-denim family photo shoot

Winning a championship is the type of experience that brings a group together. Just ask the Royals -- after sprinting to a World Series title, they spent the ensuing months parading through Kansas City and taking over all of late-night television. They became more than a team, they became ... a family. And so, as Salvador Perez, Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson prepare to defend their crown in 2016, they did what any family would do: They took some awkward family photos for a new #THIS spot. 
Watch the video above to take in the full experience -- including Perez showing off his World Series bicep tattoo -- and then enjoy these outtakes below.
Here they are as one big, happy, height-coordinated family:

Here they are breaking a huddle and/or activating their Super Friends rings:

Here they are inexplicably leaning on each other:

This was a recurring theme:

Eric Hosmer took some time to ponder life's biggest questions:

And finally, Jarrod Dyson and Salvador Perez, preparing to drop the hottest R&B album of 1994: