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Lorenzo Cain returned to the scene of his Opening Day home run robbery for another jaw-dropping catch

Back on Opening Day, the Brewers beat the Cardinals, 5-4, to notch their first win of the season at Miller Park. The victory had a lot to do with the efforts of center fielder Lorenzo Cain, who denied Jose Martinez of a big ninth-inning home run. It was pretty great:

The Cardinals were back in town at Miller Park on Monday night for the first game of a new series between the NL Central rivals, and in the second inning Cain robbed another home run, this time denying Matt Carpenter of a two-run blast to right-center:

Now, it doesn't take an optician to be able to see that there's a remarkable similarity between these two catches in a few areas. Same ballpark, same two teams, same maximum-effort extension and epic pull-back from Cain ... who also ranged to the same general area along the wall in right-center, as well.

Maybe just don't hit it out there, everybody.