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Lorenzo Cain mistakenly thought that JaCoby Jones robbed his homer

The Royals had a tough game on Tuesday night against the Tigers, as they fell by a 13-2 score. For a moment, it even seemed like one of their few reprieves got snatched away.
Lorenzo Cain put a mighty swing on a pitch from reliever Daniel Stumpf in the sixth inning, sending the ball deep to left-center field. JaCoby Jones ranged back to the wall, jumped ...

... and seemingly came down with the ball for a terrific home run robbery.
Cain was stunned:

We've all had that exasperated face at one point or another. It's like learning that the favorite deli item that you were looking forward to at lunchtime on an already lousy day was taken off the menu.
However, there was no need for Cain to worry! Jones didn't actually catch it, and Cain got his dinger after all.
So no need to worry, baseball. Cain still loves you.