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Lucas Duda threw the ball with his glove and Danny Duffy caught it with his hand

In a world full of unpredictability, we cling to the things we know for sure. Anyone who's ever played catch in the backyard knows one of them: You throw a baseball with your hand and catch it in your glove.

Now we can't even cling to that basic order of things. During Saturday afternoon's game against the Tigers, the Royals turned that constant sequence on its head. On a ground ball from Jeimer Candelario, first baseman Lucas Duda tossed the ball to pitcher Danny Duffy with his glove, and Duffy caught it with his bare hand:


"You got make do when you can," Duffy told's Jeffrey Flanagan. "I didn't think I could beat him to the bag. I didn't mean to give [Candelario] a forearm shiver."

As innovations throughout history have shown, the fact that something hasn't been done a certain way doesn't mean it can't be done that way. Perhaps Duda and Duffy started a disruption of how we think about throwing and catching baseballs.