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One night after Maikel Franco hit a walk-off HR, he showed off with a throw from his back

On Thursday night, Maikel Franco showed off one of the most picture-perfect bat flips in baseball history when he smashed a walk-off home run to defeat the Marlins


He put himself back on the highlight reel on Friday night against the Marlins, but this time it was on the other side of the ball. 

In the top of the sixth inning, Magneuris Sierra hit a ground ball to third. Franco made the diving grab and, while sitting as if he were playing video games on the living room floor, made the throw across the infield. 

While you may occasionally see that from the middle infield, it's rare when it comes from the third baseman.

Just compare that to Gold Glover and all-around actual (defensive) wizard Nolan Arenado and it's hard to see the difference:

Baseball players: They're very good. Who'da thunk?