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Joe Girardi reached out of the dugout and snagged a ground ball with his hat

(Chris O'Meara)

It's no secret that when the Red Sox and Yankees play each other, it's a sight to see. Saturday's edition was no different: The event lasted 16 innings with New York defeating the Sox, 4-1.
The Bronx bats were able to survive the almost six-hour ordeal thanks to a Matt Holliday dinger that forced the game into extras. And while this game was important, manager Joe Girardi made a fun play to show he's still got it.

From the dugout, Girardi showed some quickness to snag a loose ball using his baseball cap. It seemed natural as he brushed the dirt off making sure it was still presentable.
We see fan catches like this all the time, but to see it from a skipper makes it extra special.