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Manny Machado displayed his emergency catcher skills on his day off

Orioles manager Buck Showalter gave Manny Machado the day off due to a finger injury before the Orioles' 6-5 matinee loss to the Tigers on Thursday. But the star third baseman didn't spend his free time like a normal person would -- namely napping, playing video games, generally just goofing off in his pajamas all day. Instead, Machado was like the guy in your office that shows back up a day before his vacation is over because he's excited to go into meetings. 
That's right, Machado loves baseball so much he even tossed on some catcher's gear to help Dylan Bundy warm-up between innings. 

At least if the Orioles have any marathon extra-innings games in the future, Showalter knows he's got a decent emergency option behind the plate.