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Adam Jones' bat weight refused to slide off, so strong man Chris Davis came to the rescue

You know that game at the carnival where you have to hit the lever with the oversized mallet to test how strong you are? Chris Davis is probably really good at that game. 
The man is just crazy strong, as he's evidenced when crushing gargantuan homers or snapping bats over his knee in frustration. That's why, when teammate Adam Jones had some ... issues shaking the weight off his bat in the Orioles' 5-2 win over the Red Sox at Fenway Park, who better to lend a hand than Davis? 
Try as he might, Jones couldn't seem to knock the weight loose. Never fear, Davis is here:

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Crush Davis to the rescue.

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An act of brute strength that mighty requires a triumphant flex, naturally: 

After the game, O's third baseman Manny Machado was asked by's Craig Forde about Jones' struggle, and his answer was pretty amusing: 
"He's got to hit the weight room a little I guess. I tell you, it's happened to me before, so I'm not even going to laugh. It sucks in that situation. We swing hard. So, when we swing hard it gets stuck. Sometimes the dirt's a little too soft to take it down."
Clearly impressed with Davis' might himself, Machado added, "That's exactly why we've got C.D."