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Manny Machado brought his hot corner defensive prowess to shortstop with a ridiculous throw

Gold Glove-caliber defense from Manny Machado is nothing new. Insane range? Seen it. Incredible throw? Old news.
In 2018, though, the Orioles are offering a new perspective on Machado, as he has officially taken over the shortstop position from the departed J.J. Hardy. He had occasionally filled in for Hardy in the past, but third base is now in his rear-view mirror.
If anyone had any doubts about Machado's ability to handle shortstop, a play he made on a Justin Smoak grounder during Wednesday night's 5-3 victory over the Blue Jays should quickly ease those concerns:

That third base range didn't go anywhere.
The position switch makes sense. After all, Machado was a shortstop when the Orioles selected him third overall in the 2010 MLB Draft, and he stayed there throughout his time in the Minor Leagues until he was called up to help the O's make a run to the postseason in 2012. He only moved to third because Hardy was entrenched at shortstop.
Now, Machado is a shortstop again, and he's clearly more than ready for the challenge. Buck Showalter should be happy about that.