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Manny Machado fires laser to first from his knees, announces plans for global domination

First, let's play a quick game of Two Truths and a Lie, Manny Machado edition:
1. Manny Machado is in the top five in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging, and leads all of baseball in OPS and total bases
2. Manny Machado won two Gold Glove Awards before his 23rd birthday
3. Manny Machado has beaten the sun in a staring contest
So, which of those were the truths? Trick question: All of them were, because historians look back on 2016 as the year of the Manny Machado Singularity.
He's spent the first few weeks of the season mashing every baseball in sight, and, lest you make the mistake of thinking he's a one-dimensional player, he did this during Saturday's game against the Royals:

For reference, the distance from third to first is 127 feet, a distance which Machado just treated like a minor inconvenience thanks to his howitzer of a right arm. In his next at-bat, he doubled to left -- did we mention he's hitting nearly .400? We, for one, welcome our new baseball overlord.