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Manny Machado tries his hand as a nanny in the new 'This is Sportscenter' commercial

What makes a good commercial? It has to be short and to the point, obviously. But the real challenge is to leave a lasting impression in such a quick snippet of time. To do that, you have to keep it simple, funny and maybe a little unexpected.

Think of the most memorable commercials you've seen. You can describe them in just a few words. Wasssssup! Bob Wehadababyitsaboy. Talking baby. Betty White with a Snickers bar.

For 40 years now, "This is SportsCenter" has put on a masterclass in the genre, meshing comedy and narrative into memorable commercials of the difficulties that come with blending sports and an office environment.

You'll definitely remember seeing the Manning brothers struggle to leave their sibling rivalry at the door or Tim Lincecum try and fail to set up his answering machine. Josh Hamilton struggled with office politics after hitting a bunch of baseballs really far in the 2008 Home Run Derby. Even a routine break room conversation can get heated when rivalries come into play.

Saturday marks the 40th anniversary of the "This is Sportscenter" series and they're running out a bunch of new commercials to celebrate, including one of Padres third baseman Manny Machado taking over office daycare duties. He's the Manny ... get it?

Maybe taking care of a dozen screaming children isn't his strong suit. If that doesn't work out for him -- a scenario that appears rather likely -- he's got a cubicle with his name on it that totally fits in with the rest of the office.

The only way Manny could stick out more on the fourth floor of this drab office building would be to walk in to walk-up music at the start of every day.