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Manny Ramirez went skimboarding at the beach, and it was hilarious

You're no doubt familiar with Casey at the Bat, Ernest Thayer's famous baseball poem written in the late 1880s about a mythical slugger named Casey and his home team in a fictitious town called Mudville.
With knowledge of that baseball classic in your head, here's the setup for a new poem about the national pastime we'd love to see, one we'll call Manny at the Beach.
For years, Manny Ramirez was a bit of a mythical slugger for a few teams, most notably the Indians and then the Red Sox, whom he helped climb back to the top of the baseball world with their 2004 World Series title. His playing days may be over, but he's obviously still enjoying being Manny. He recently tried his hand skimboarding at the beach, and the results were … well … just watch:

Looks like a good time to us.