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Mariano Rivera's family was super hyped about his unanimous selection to the Hall of Fame

Mariano Rivera's election to the Hall of Fame Tuesday evening was the least shocking and most predictable baseball thing we've seen in a long time. The dude was no doubt the greatest closer ever and everyone knew that he'd get in to Cooperstown on his first go-round.
Instead, the conversation about Rivera's candidacy revolved around whether he would become the first player in the history of baseball to receive unanimous support from the voters. No one, not even iconic and widely beloved baseball figures like Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken Jr. and Babe Ruth, had ever gotten 100 percent of the vote, so people were sure that some writer would leave Rivera off their ballot to make a point.
But that's not what happened. Apparently everyone loves Mo. His family's reaction to the news that he'd been the first player to ever go unanimously into the Hall of Fame was absolutely incredible.

My favorite part of this video is how underwhelmed they were with the original news that Mo had gotten in. The fam was all like "let's go, skip ahead to the actual news" and then went completely bananas as soon as the BBWAA official said "you are the first person ..."