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Mariners fan tries, fails to catch a baseball with an apple pie

If tasked with the assignment of catching a fly ball with a dessert, which would you pick? A cake? Maybe a bagel?
How about an apple pie?
One brave Mariners fan in a crisp Robinson Cano jersey took that challenge prior to Friday's game with the Angels at Safeco Field. As admirable an endeavor as that may be, things didn't go especially well ... but it made for some great video. 

From the loss of balance (and stumble) to his sunglasses abandoning the top of his head and falling to the ground to the near-faceplant in the pie itself, this replay really has it all. Sadly, what it doesn't have is the triumph of catching a baseball with a baked good.
Maybe it just can't be done.
Either way -- kudos to you, sir, for the effort.