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Get in the groove and dance along with Mariners first base coach Casey Candaele

Dance like nobody's watching. It's not just a song, but for some like Mariners first base coach Casey Candaele, it's a way of life. 
With the Mariners leading the Angels en route to an 8-1 win on Saturday night, Candaele couldn't help but feel the groove. And sure, his dance moves are more akin to a parent at a family wedding or that guy at the office party whose favorite music is "John Denver b-sides," but hey, to each their own. 

Plus, there's an added element of difficulty here. Not only does Candaele get both his arms and hips into the action, but he adds in a spin and walk move that are purely for the most expert of dugout jitterbugs. 
"He's got some groove, for sure," reliever James Pazos said after the game, while admitting he's the best dancer on the team. "I always crack up about his dances. He's pretty good though. He's got some moves." 
It's not the first time Candaele has had some fun at the park. Back during his playing days with the Astros, he pranked a young reporter by pretending to be Jeff Bagwell: