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Mark Melancon has already completed most of his bucket list, including swimming with sharks

Mark Melancon has never shown any fear on the mound. The three-time MLB All-Star has been one of the most consistent relievers in baseball over the past decade, notching 182 saves with a career ERA of 2.72. Late-inning relievers must be able to avoid being rattled by the pressure of the situation and execute their pitches in the highest-leverage parts of the game. For Melancon, these in-game situations aremrelatively tame compared to his offseason activities, which he describes in his own Twitter bio: "Been known to dive with Great Whites and walk with Cheetahs!"
Melancon does indeed spend his time away from baseball seeking out the kinds of thrills that many would not dare attempt. He credits his sense of adventure to his father, who took him bungee jumping when he was just 7 years old -- with the help of some ankle weights:

Check out the video at the top of the page to hear more about Melancon's wild offseason adventures -- and just how close he got to those cheetahs.
The 33-year-old also holds the rare distinction of being a career reliever with a 1.000 OBP -- albeit in one career plate appearance, but 1.000 OBP is 1.000 OBP. How did Melancon reach base that one time? He shared that story with us -- and his connections with the pitcher and catcher involved in that at-bat: