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Carlos Gomez loves cooking, relaxing and watching Francisco Lindor play baseball

There's always been something different about Carlos Gómez.
Ever since the boisterous outfielder made his big league debut back in 2007, he's been a captivating force of passionate, joyous and bat-flip-centric baseballing energy.

A half-decade ago, before bat flips were an accepted and celebrated part of the baseball landscape, Gomez was on the front lines of fun, regularly chucking his lumber into the air with applaudable aplomb, rubbing some players wrong in the process.

Gomez's commitment to exhibiting and spreading joy at every potential moment makes him one of the game's most infectious and delightful personalities. Consider earlier this season after Gomez had a contentious run-in with a Gatorade cooler, he made sure to make amends with the inanimate object.

We were lucky enough to speak to Gomez about why he carries such a positive outlook with him all the time. Healso chatted with us about his favorite player in MLB (Francisco Lindor), his run-in with the cooler and how he's at his happiest when he's hosting and cooking for friends and family at his home.