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Jeff Mathis headed to the dugout with two outs, probably to beat the July 4th traffic

The fifth inning of the Marlins' 10-3 loss to the Tigers began with two back-to-back solo home runs. Then, Jose Iglesias popped out to the catcher and reliever Dustin McGowan set Ian Kinsler down swinging for the second out. Yes, there were just two outs, and yet Jeff Mathis decided to take off for the dugout:

McGowan stepped off the mound, looking around and wondering exactly where he was going. But the answer seems pretty clear: Mathis was probably just headed to his Fourth of July barbecue early, and he figured if he left in the fifth, he could beat the traffic.
Alas, Mathis had certain professional obligations to fulfill, so he quickly returned to his post behind home plate and caught the rest of the inning (a Cameron Maybin groundout) and the game.