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Marlins closer A.J. Ramos explains how he got to take a casual selfie with Bono

What do you do when you accidently bump into a rock and roll legend? You casually introduce yourself, of course, and then you ask to take a selfie. At least, that's how Marlins reliever A.J. Ramos handled his 10-minute conversation with U2's Bono. 

The encounter took place shortly after the 2015 season ended. Ramos was getting away from it all, so he traveled to Barcelona on vacation. Bono and U2 happened to be touring at the same time, and by chance, he was staying on the same floor at the Hotel Arts Barcelona.

"He was by the elevators. I walked up, and he saw me already," Ramos said. "So I was like, 'I've got to introduce myself.' I said, 'Hey, you're Bono, right?' He said, 'Yeah.' I said, 'My name is A.J. Ramos, I live in Miami.'

"I feel I had to drop the baseball card so he would be, 'This guy is not a total creeper.' I said, 'Yeah, I play baseball for Miami.' He said, 'Oh, for the Marlins?' I [said], 'Yeah, yeah, for the Marlins.' I told him I was a pitcher."

The one-in-a-million chance meeting took place only because Ramos' room was being cleaned, and he was standing in the hallway. And then, when the time was right, Ramos dropped the question: "I asked for a photo with him." Naturally, the photo ended up on his Instagram, with the caption "Sunday Bloody Sunday."