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Martin Prado did an interview covered in shaving cream and now we'll have nightmares forever

Trying to get a good sleep this Sunday night? Had a long weekend and want to rest up for the long work week ahead? Well, you should probably stop reading this post because Martin Prado did an interview with his face covered in shaving cream and OH MY GOD NIGHTMARES FOREVER.

No, this isn't some "Goodnight Mommy"/"Mrs. Doubtfire" reboot.

This is the Marlins third baseman after being completely lathered in shaving foam as part of a (now, well-documented) postgame celebration. Check out the full video in the main slot above.
Prado had three RBIs in the 6-1 win over the Cubs. The Marlins won three out of four against Chicago, have been victors in seven of their last 10 and are currently tied for second place in the NL East with the Mets. But you, we're guessing you're still just terrified.