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A ball got stuck inside a cup, so Marlins outfielder Magneuris Sierra threw both back into the infield

Baseball is a game where you have to react fast. When a ball comes your way, you need to catch it, understand where to throw it and do it all as quickly and carefully as possible. Especially when the game is close and the opposing team's runners are trying to score. Even in Spring Training. Even when the ball ... gets stuck inside of a cup.

Definitely one of the more ridiculous things you'll see on a baseball diamond.

Also, the fact that Sierra was able to throw a ball that far -- while it was stuck inside of a paper cup (!!) -- shows me all I need to know about him. He deserves to start all 162 games for the Marlins next season. He should be an All-Star. He should be sent overseas to teach baseball to young children all around the globe.