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This Masahiro Tanaka pitch looks like it's from another dimension

Did you ever read the book "Flatland?" If not, here's a quick summary: It's a satirical novel by Edwin Abbott about a square who lives in a two-dimensional world, who meets a sphere who introduces him to a third dimension.
Why are we telling you about this book? Well, we think Brock Holt must have understood how that square felt when he saw this Masahiro Tanaka sinker in the second inning of the Yankees' 3-1 Sunday night win over the Red Sox:

The only way a pitch could move like this is if it has discovered a way to arc through time and space in a way that we as human beings cannot perceive. Of course Holt couldn't figure it out -- we're pretty sure even Einstein's Theory of Relativity couldn't solve this pitch (OK, it probably could, but this pitch is incredible. Let us have our hyperbole).