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Dastardly mascot Randy Johnson faked injuries to win the D-backs Legends Race

In the highly competitive and cutthroat world of MLB mascot races, nothing is off limits. Body slams, banana peels and even personal enforcers are fair game. These mascots will do anything -- anything -- to win.
So it shouldn't be a surprise that the mascot-ized version of Randy Johnson resorted to the kind of subterfuge typically reserved for the most dastardly of supervillains to win the Legends Race during the D-backs' 8-7 win on Saturday.
You see, on Friday, Johnson won the race -- but it was a pyrrhic victory. He tumbled across the finish line, apparently injuring himself in the process.

So much so that he showed up to Saturday's race bandaged and on crutches:

But of course the injuries were a ruse. While his competition stood unsuspecting, Johnson ditched the crutches and sprinted to the finish line, winning his second race in a row.

Sorry, mascot version of Luiz Gonzalez. Sorry, mascot versions of Matt Williams and Mark Grace. Mascot Randy Johnson is just too wily.