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After Matt Chapman got upset with an A's fan on a foul ball, he brought another to make amends

Every out is important. Baseball players know that. Give the opposition extra chances to swing the bats, and who knows what will happen. That led to a bit of tension between this one A's fan -- the lone bright yellow shirt among a sea of aqua and navy -- and Matt Chapman during the A's 10-2 loss to the Mariners on Sunday afternoon. 

After Kyle Seager hit a foul pop down the third-base line, Chapman and the brightly colored A's fan each went for the ball. After it dropped harmlessly to the ground, Chapman and the fan had their own "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"-style standoff.

Chapman admitted he was "definitely frustrated" to's Jane Lee after the game. "Outs aren't easy to come by, especially with an offense like they have, and maybe just a little bit of icing on the cake with how frustrating things have been on this road trip," the A's third baseman said about the team's six-game losing streak. 

 "We both said sorry. He really doesn't need to get stared down by me and me get all mad, but that's just the way it goes sometimes."

Not to worry, things would soon settle down and Chapman brought him a ball as the two made amends. I don't want to say this is how best friends start, but stranger things have happened ...


"He had an A's shirt on, so I'm sure he feels bad, which I saw in his face it looked like he did," Chapman said. "I was just so mad at the time that I didn't really think about it. So I gave him a ball. He is an A's fan after all. I don't want to lose a fan."