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Matt Davidson's secret to his two-way success might just be his pregame 'earthing' routine

It didn't take long for White Sox slugger Matt Davidson to let us know that his 2018 season was about to be one to remember: He launched three home runs against the Royals on Opening Day! 

And while Davidson hasn't quite maintained his three HR-per-game pace throughout the season, he has also garnered significant attention for his three pitching appearances, in which he did not look like your average position player pitching. Davidson's three scoreless outings have featured some low-90's heat, a nasty curveball and even a strikeout of Giancarlo Stanton:

Davidson's pitching combined with his stellar offensive season puts him in some elite company. Only four players in MLB history have made three pitching appearances and hit 15+ home runs in a season: Jimmy Ryan (1888), Babe Ruth (1919), Shohei Ohtani (2018) and Davidson.
But his two-way prowess isn't the only thing that makes Davidson unique. This year, he has started a pregame routine known as "earthing", which involves walking barefoot on the very grass he is about to play on. We had to learn more about this unusual activity, so we asked Davidson to literally walk us through his earthing routine, how it's helped him this season and what he likes about being a position player pitching. 
Check out the video at the top of the page to hear more.