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Frisco RoughRiders dog can't quite get the hang of being a bat dog, remains a very good boy

This is Brooks:

Two years ago, the Double-A Frisco RoughRiders introduced him as their newest team dog:

He's been an extremely good boy ever since, delighting Frisco fans, showing off his boundless athleticism and even, somewhat perplexingly, running a Twitter account. But for all of Brooks' many admirable qualities, there's one thing he's just never been able to get the hang of: how to be a bat dog.
He wants to be a good bat dog, of course, but he's not quite sure what the job entails:

But be warned: Underestimate Brooks at your own peril. He might not have the hang of retrieving baseball bats just yet, but he knows how to run the bases -- and will show no mercy to anyone who stands in his way.

Go Brooks.