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This Mets fan needs 500,000 retweets to have her prom pictures taken at Citi Field

Last week, a young Mets fan sent her favorite team a direct message on Twitter, asking them just what it would take to let her take her prom photos at Citi Field. The team responded with a challenge: Get 500,000 retweets, and you can come hang on the field with your favorite players. Challenge accepted:

Naturally, Mets Twitter got in formation:

Including a boost from Mr. Met:

And Noah Syndergaard:

And, uh, William Shatner?

As of Tuesday, Jan. 23, Callie sat at 331,291 retweets -- just 168,709 short, nearly two-thirds of the way to 500,000. If she actually reaches her goal, she'd start threatening the 30 most retweeted tweets of all time, rarefied air usually reserved for Barack Obama and the occasional quest for chicken nuggets. We're with you, Callie.