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Catching Yoenis Cespedes' third-deck homer made a group of Mets fans deliriously happy

On Thursday, Yoenis Cespedes exhibited his world-class power with a titanic solo homer in the Mets' 4-3 win over the Cubs. Turning on a pitch offered up by John Lackey, Cespedes launched a prestigous blast that wound up landing in the third deck in left field:

According to Statcast, the ball had a projected distance of 441 feet, and marked the first time a ball has been hit into the third deck at Citi Field in a regular-season game, according to the SNY broadcast. It was also the longest homer hit by the Mets so far this season

For the Mets fans up in the third deck, though, this was a surprising development. After all, if you sit that high in any ballpark you probably aren't expecting to have a chance to touch a baseball. And yet, they did, and were pretty stoked about it all:


Can you blame them? On the scale of surprising things to happen at a game, this is probably up there among the more improbable, just considering how far away from home plate their seats are.