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Behold, the Mets have recorded the weirdest 1-3-6-5 putout in baseball history

If you were to look at a box score of Wednesday's D-backs-Mets game, you would notice that Jean Segura was tagged out at third, 1-3-6-5. What you would not notice is that the Mets and D-backs were involved in one of the strangest putouts in recent memory -- one that included not one, but two rundowns, executed to varying degrees of success.
To recap: With runners on the corners, Michael Bourn took a few steps off first base to draw a pickoff throw from Bartolo Colon, hoping to allow Segura to score. Colon threw over, and first baseman Wilmer Flores began chasing Bourn to second. But with Segura dancing off third, Flores hesitated just long enough to allow Bourn to get into second base under the tag. Rundown: 1, Mets: 0.
But wait, there's more! While the Mets were missing the tag on Bourn, Segura decided to break for home ... where he was promptly caught in a rundown, and this time, there would be no escape. Third baseman T.J. Rivera made the tag, and somehow, New York had escaped unscathed. Catch your breath yet? Good. If you're wondering what all that looks like in real time, behold: In-rundown-ception.

Stay weird, baseball.