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The Braves' mascot, Blooper, tried to mess with the Mets, but it totally backfired

It's been a tough couple of days for the Braves' new mascot, Blooper. First, the doubleheader at SunTrust Park on Monday went so long due to rain delays that he had to take a nap in the dugout between games.
Then, before the Braves' 7-6 win on Tuesday, the Mets decided to have some fun with Blooper. He was teasing José Bautista on his bat flips when a ball came flying in from the side, sending Blooper down for the count:

That would make anyone take five.
When Blooper got back at it, he approached Asdrúbal Cabrera, who tried to trick him into getting a Mets hat on his head:

Blooper evaded the first few attempts, but eventually, Cabrera succeeded with a little help on the other side:

At least he got the Mets' hat off in a hurry. The Atlanta crowd wouldn't have taken too kindly to that.