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The Mets' starting rotation took a seat in the stands at the Little League Classic

BB&T Ballpark in Williamsport, Pa., was the place to be Sunday, with the Phillies and Mets in town for this season's Little League Classic
And while the game in itself is a special treat with a very solid visual aesthetic provided by Major League players playing in the tiny confines of a Little League facility, it also presented something entirely unique when members of the Mets' starting rotation headed out into the stands to sit among the fans. 

Yes, really. Clad in their Players' Weekend jerseys, Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz took in the action behind home plate: 

A closer look:

The Mets also handed out ice cream, because that's important to have at a ballgame:

Gregory Bruno, who pitched Mid-Atlantic to a 2-1 win over Southwest earlier in the day on Sunday, had some fun chatting with the Mets hurlers. Jake Mintz of the Cespedes Family BBQ caught up with him about his conversation with the pitchers: 
Who did you talk to?
"Syndergaard, deGrom and Wheeler the most. And Matz, too."
What did you talk about?
"I was talking to them about, you know, different pitch grips, things like that."
Now which of those pitchers do you see yourself as closest to?
"Well, me personally, I see myself as Jacob deGrom."
If you had to give any advice to them, what would you tell them?
"Well, if I had to give advice to them, try not to do too much. What they're doing now is pretty good."
Fans going on the field is definitely against the rules, but this? This is the opposite of that, and it's excellent.
deGrom reflected on the experience later in the evening: