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The Mets used the D-backs' bullpen cart not to bring in a pitcher, but to deliver a sweatshirt

The D-backs were one of two teams to resurrect the bullpen cart in 2018, and when used, it's pretty much always been to, well, bring in pitchers. Seems simple enough, right?
Well, the Mets found another use for it during their 6-3 loss to the D-backs. Sadly, none of their relievers elected to ride in it when they came in from the bullpen, but when Hansel Robles needed his sweatshirt on standby after entering in the bottom of the sixth, an opportunity for innovation emerged:

Yes, it might be a little demeaning that the bullpen cart was reduced to delivery service, but hey! It was used regardless.
We'll count that as a win. Points to the Mets for creativity.