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Michael A. Taylor had perhaps the most expressionless face in walk-off history

There's probably not a more joyous occassion in baseball than the walk-off hit to end the game. There are Gatorade baths, smiles from ear-to-ear and the tackling of teammates into the outfield. It's all so very fun.
Unless, I guess, if you're Michael A. Taylor -- who looked like this after he hit a walk-off double for the Nationals' 2-1 victory over the Padres on Tuesday night.

He seemed more embarrassed than excited. Like, oh god, what did I do now?

But then, finally, when his teammates reached him at second base, he relaxed and enjoyed his big moment:'s Jamal Collier asked him about the original face postgame and what he was feeling:
"Like a weight was being lifted off. It's been a rough stretch for me. I took a deep breath. I've been waiting to have something turn for me."
He also defended his non-expression to on-field reporter Dan Kolko -- saying it was a "great face."
We agree, Michael. It was indeed a great face.