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A Mickey Mantle card was discovered in pristine condition and given an offer of $50,000

Finding rare, hidden treasures when it comes to sports memorabilia not only turns into a brag-worthy moment, but it could be life-changing.
The National Sports Collectors Convention witnessed something unbelievable in its almost-40 years of existence on Friday when Vintage Breaks, a company that offers collectors a chance to purchase spots in unopened packs of vintage cards, looked at the second-to-last card in a 1955 Bowman pack.
According to ESPN's Darren Rovell, Leighton Sheldon was on stage at the convention and screamed when he laid his eyes on this card: a Mickey Mantle that was in pristine condition:

"Some 375 miles east of Cleveland, Chris Rothe was finishing up his job as a third-generation bookbinder in Maryland when he decided to check the archived videos of the pack openings from earlier in the day," the article says. "Rothe, who randomly got the 19th card that was to be opened in the pack, discovered that he was the proud new owner of the Mantle card."
Rothe told ESPN his face went pale white when he realized this rare find was his and was "weak in the knees." This is no surprise, a Mantle card could have that effect on people. 
The spots to open these packs usually sell for $500, and this PSA-graded nine card was given an offer to Sheldon of $50,000 by the end of the day on Saturday.
That's quite the find.