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Mickey Moniak made his friend follow through on their tattoo bet, and here's the proof

Back when he was still a prep outfielder in California, Mickey Moniak agreed to a bet with childhood friend Ethan Abrams: If Moniak were drafted in the top 10, Abrams would get Moniak's name tattooed on his rear end.

As you probably know by now, Moniak was taken No. 1 overall by the Phillies in last June's draft. And, on Tuesday, the day of reckoning finally arrived:


Credit is due to Abrams for being a man of his word, and also for opting for a tasteful baseball illustration around Moniak's signature. And, who knows, he might get the last laugh: If Abrams, currently a pitcher at Columbia University, is drafted in the first 20 rounds, Moniak has to get a tattoo of his own. Make it happen, Ethan.