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Mike Clevinger's glove took a trip across the infield after his failed attempt to spear a comebacker

Split-second decisions are tough, but they're an unavoidable part of the baseball experience. Pitchers have perhaps one of the hardest responsibilities of anybody on the field, considering they have to watch out for themselves should line drives come in their direction. 
They're customarily not "supposed" to attempt to grab a screaming bouncer with their bare hands. Indians right-hander Mike Clevinger didn't do that in Saturday night's game with the Angels at Progressive Field, as he clearly knew it's a better move to use your glove, which can sometimes pan out. 
Clevinger's failed stab at a comebacker off the bat of Nick Buss sent his glove flying through the air across the infield. Luckily for him, Francisco Lindor was at the ready to make the play: 

Kudos to Clevinger for his jump-kick-spin and his glove for its big adventure, and also its ability to totally miss the ball so it could bounce right to Lindor without any misdirection.