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Mike Napoli gave a ride to some Red Sox players that were stuck walking in the snow

Happy young caucasian man at the wheel of his new car (Catalin Petolea)

While the winter storm tearing through the states has made a mess of roads, fashion decisions and Opening Day schedules, a few lucky Red Sox players didn't have to battle the elements. Before the Red Sox-Indians game was postponed on Monday, a few Boston players were like brave explorers as they went into the icy mix to walk to Progressive Field.
Fortunately, one driver happened to take pity on them and gave them a lift the rest of the way: Mike Napoli.  

Which makes us hope that Napoli spends his spare time Lyft driving, making new friends and picking up the bar crowd late at night. Whether the Red Sox gave him five stars for the ride is something we'll likely never know. 
Of course, one person who wasn't in need of Napoli's rideshare services: Terry Francona, who had his own mode of transportation.