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Kindred spirits Mike Trout and Jose Altuve bonded after Trout took a tumble around second base

History has a knack of repeating itself, but barely two days between incidents is a bit of a surprise.
That's precisely what happened in the Astros' 4-2 win over the Angels in Southern California, thanks to the baserunning exploits of one Mr. Mike Trout.
After lofting a bloop down the right-field line that scooted past outfielder George Springer, Trout was dead set on a triple. Problem was, he missed the bag at second base and took a tumble instead.

Trout must keep up on his nightly highlights, as he quite obviously knew this same type of pratfall happened to Altuve just two days ago in Kansas City: 

After Altuve's spill, the two stars basically created an exclusive new club reserved for only those who have fallen victim to the cruel punishment of physics. They're now bonded together forever. 
Altuve talked to's Brian McTaggart about the moment -- which apparently the two had discussed before the game:
When we were stretching before the game, he [Trout] was like, 'What are you doing? You don't know how to run the bases?' And then after he fell down, he looked straight at me and said, 'My bad, I'm sorry.'"

Trout confirmed the pregame conversation with's Alden Gonzalez:
"There's kind of some karma involved. I was messing with him before the game, and I just fell. I was laughing. It was just a funny moment. We're just out there having fun. Obviously you're not trying to trip. But it just happened. He just fell.
"That's why I went to him. I told him, 'Man, I shouldn't have messed with you.' It was funny."