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Mike Trout and the Angels toasted David Ortiz by wearing gold chains and sunglasses

David Ortiz's farewell tour hit Southern California on Thursday, as the Red Sox fell to the Angels, 2-1, on a wild walk-off.

Before that dramatic finish, though, some of the Halos saw fit to pay homage to Papi in his final games at Angel Stadium with an amusing pregame spectacle.

As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Mike Trout and a few of his teammates donned flashy gold chains and sunglasses and met Ortiz out around the mound for the team's pregame ceremony. 

The Angels also presented Ortiz with a portrait as a parting gift and, basically, a "thank-you" for retiring ... since, after all, he entered this series with a line of .275/.368/.558 against Halo pitching, having clubbed 32 homers and driven in 90 runs over the years. As an added gift, Albert Pujols essentially lifted Ortiz off the ground as the two embraced, too: