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Nobody's ever been happier than this young Mike Trout fan after another fan gifted him a Trout baseball

You know that moment between innings at a baseball game when the outfielders warm up by tossing a baseball back and forth, either with a teammate or the ball boy or ball girl? Most of the time -- depending on the mood of the player, probably -- that prized baseball becomes a special souvenir for a fan in the stands.

Younger fans usually get really excited about this opportunity, racing down to the edge of the outfield seats to clamor for their favorite player to toss the ball in their direction. That's what happened during Thursday's Orioles-Angels game when a young Angels fan wound up with a ball tossed up from Trout in the outfield.

The kid didn't catch it, though. An adult fan, clearly appreciating the opportunity before him, caught it and promptly handed it over to the kid:

Re-watching that video a few times, it looks like the kid was holding a homemade sign expressing how much he loves watching Trout.

That, combined with the stranger's kindness and the young man being completely over the moon after getting this baseball makes for a great scene all around.