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Mike Trout found the one thing he couldn't catch in the outfield: a big orange balloon

Mike Trout can catch baseballs. It's been proven time and time and time again. There's even a baseball card for one of those times:

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But during the Mariners-Angels game on Saturday, the two-time MVP found something that he couldn't corral.

An orange balloon floated onto the field of play and Trout began his usual run after round objects that fly into his path. Instead of catching it and the crowd going wild, it exploded in his face. Trout, accustomed to greatness, stood frozen in fear.

Was his defensive prowess vanquished? Were more balloons on the way? Would Trout be picked up and carried into the sky like in the ending of "The Red Balloon?"

Or maybe the balloon had witnessed what the outfielder does to its round-shaped cousins on a nightly basis and wanted no part of him.