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After giving the weather report at Angel Stadium, Mike Trout is definitely a weatherman now

Mike Trout is a weatherman. He may not be a credentialed meteorologist, but there is enough experience listed on his resume now that his post-baseball dream no longer has to be "post:" He regularly fraternizes with professional weatherpersons, he owns his own weather balloon and he's reported on blizzards in the field.
And on Thursday, he made the big time when he gave the official* weather report at Angel Stadium:

Pretty sure a spinning globe graphic is the home run silent treatment for weathermen: It's how you know you've made the big leagues. And there was 0.11 inches of precipitation in Anaheim Thursday night, if you were wondering how accurate Trout's forecasts are.
It could just be a coincidence that that he recorded his first hit of the season in the same game he made his stadium weatherman debut, but it's definitely not a coincidence that he excels at both. 
*Probably not official.