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Mike Trout sported a Philadelphia 76ers uniform, and of course he looked like a natural

After you read this post, you will still not be able to answer the proverbial question of "What can't Mike Trout do?"

On Wednesday, following the Angels' 5-1 victory over the Orioles, some of the Halos players in the clubhouse were sporting NBA jerseys as they prepared for their trip to Seattle. Trout, sported a 76ers uniform in a tweet with a #TrusttheProcess hashtag.

No, this isn't him announcing he's about to trade sports, but the guy can ball. Trout, who recently blew out 26 candles on his birthday cake, defeated two-time NBA All-Star Draymond Green in a game of "PIG" last year. To add to that, the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, once confessed his admiration  for Trout. MICHAEL. JORDAN. And that's probably the biggest compliment you can receive in … well, anything.

We know the two-time AL MVP can pull off a baseball uniform, but he looks like a natural in a basketball jersey as well. And if you're wondering how the 76ers feel about it ...