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Christian Yelich now has a bus route in Milwaukee County to boost his NL MVP candidacy

On Monday, the Brewers' Christian Yelich was announced as one of the three finalists for National League Most Valuable Player. We've already seen Yelich's pal Baker Mayfield endorse his MVP case. Now, Milwaukee County is officially getting into it.
From Nov. 8 through Nov. 15, Bus Route 22 will be the "Yelich Line." Check it out:

Chosen to honor Yelich's uniform number, the line runs between the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and 60th Street and will feature "Yelich Line" on its digital marquee.
That's not all, though -- Milwaukee County Transit said that if their initial tweet gets at least 2,222 retweets (including one from Yelich, which he obliged), then Bus No. 22 will remain the "Yelich Line" for all of 2019.
Furthermore, if Yelich does indeed capture the MVP, they'll have another message in store.

What will the new marquee say? We'll just have to wait and see if Yelich wins the award to find out.
With any luck, it'll be a digital animation of Yelich's dugout home run celebration.