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Missouri Senate candidate falsely accuses opponent of harboring a Nats fan, hilarity ensues

Defeating an incumbent for a seat in the U.S. Senate is a tall order, and Democrat Jason Kander of Missouri is willing to pull out all the stops to make it happen -- up to and including questioning the Cardinals fandom of one of his opponent's volunteers.
Kander hopes to unseat Roy Blunt, R-Mo., who has held the position since 2011. On Thursday, a photo was posted to Twitter of a young volunteer at one of the Blunt campaign's offices, hard at work phone banking for his candidate:

But wait, something seems off. That hat -- it looks ... suspiciously familiar, like something we might see atop the glorious hair of Bryce Harper. Could that be a Nationals hat? For the Kander campaign and Missourans everywhere, them's fightin' words:  

An understandable position, considering the two teams battled for five tense games in the 2012 NLDS -- a series which St. Louis rallied to win in Game 5.

Thankfully, though, this fandom faux pas was a false alarm: As the volunteer in question, Jackson Berger, made perfectly clear in a Twitter video, he's as big of a Cardinals fan as you'll find.

We can now safely return to the campaign questions that truly matter -- namely, is a hot dog a sand--[is silenced by a chorus of boos].