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Let's break down all of the Players Weekend nicknames by category

(Alex Trautwig)

You've seen the jerseys and the ranked lists, so we're pretty sure you know what your favorite Players Weekend nickname is by now (and if it's not "Corey's Brother," you need to think about your life). But now it's time to take a look at all the Players Weekend nicknames as a whole.
We broke them down into 14 categories, including players, managers, bullpen catchers and anyone else who will be wearing a Players Weekend jersey. Take a look at the graphic below to get a sense of the most popular type of nickname, and read on for a more detailed breakdown. Just click the graphic to enlarge it. 
Classic is pretty self-explanatory -- that covers anyone who kept their own last name. But what is Classic Lite, you may ask? That's for the people who used most of their own name, like Kyle Schwarber ("Schwarbs"), or Clayton Kershaw ("Kersh"). This category also includes anyone going by just their first name, like Jacob deGrom ("Jake"). Even if you added a little flair, you're still Classic Lite. Yes, that means you, "Codylove" Bellinger.
If you've ever played a sport in your life, or even been around athletes, you're probably pretty familiar with nicknames that End in -Y. It's the sound that's important, so both Paul "Goldy" Goldschmidt and Francisco "Liri" Liriano belong here.  Initial Offering is close to this category in spirit, and includes nicknames like Justin "JV" Verlander, and John "Easy J" Jaso.
Remember that span of time when everyone was "A-Rod" or "K-Rod," and so on and so forth? We call that The Lone Hyphen, and one of today's versions is Tanner "T-Ro" Roark. We even counted nicknames where the hyphen is implied, like Austin "Ajax" Jackson.
Hey, guess what Big Something entails? That's right - the use of one single adjective, like Bryce "Big Kid" Harper, or Jake "Big Fudge" Marisnick. Of course, some "Big" nicknames just missed being part of another category - Marcell "The Big Bear" Ozuna is with the other Bigs, but Dan "Bear" Duffy is part of The Menagerie, along with Wilson "Buffalo" Ramos.
Food requires being named after something you can eat, like Sonny "Pickles" Gray and Carlos "Cookie" Carrasco. Then, there are the nicknames that are just plain descriptive, like Chris "Stickman" Sale. He is, after all, pretty skinny.
To be in the Get Hype category, your nickname has to get us, well, hype. Javy "El Mago" Baez? Yeah, that works.
Rhyme Time is for names that, well, rhyme. Highlights include "Slick Nick" Ahmed and "Hermm the Worm" (aka, Chris Herrmann). To get into the Puns category, you needed to be on the level of "All-Starlin" Castro or Josh "Haderade."
Some players used the back of their jerseys to just tell some Solid Jokes. Some of our favorites are Zach "Bat Boy" Davies and Josh "PTBNL" Phegley. And of course, there are nicknames like Chase "Silver Fox" Utley and Nick "Hubba Hubba" Vincent that we had to assign to Only You Call Yourself That.
Of course, some players stand alone. Sure, Varis Strange is actually part of Dee Gordon's full name (it's Devaris Strange-Gordon), but it's so unique we thought it deserved its own dot. And Brock "Trashman" Stassi? It's not descriptive, it's just outstanding. Literally.