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Find the perfect gifts for every AL fan in your life with these fun items on

What gifts are you getting for the MLB fans in your life? You can't go wrong with a jersey of their favorite player, certainly, or a new cap. But chances are, they already have those things. Why not get them something a little less predictable? 

This is your annual guide to the best and most unusual items in the If you've been looking for the perfect gift for a fan of an AL team, just check out our suggestions below (and for NL, click here): 

Baltimore Orioles


When fans at Camden Yards see the Oriole Bird out and about, their first thought probably isn't, "My, I wish I could stuff my feet inside his head." But this foot pillow sure does look comfy.

Boston Red Sox


On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Red Sox fans are always wondering where they can get a 3-foot by 4-foot painting of Nomar Garciaparra. Well, wonder no more.

Chicago White Sox


Give this autographed photo to any fan of the '80s White Sox teams, and they will fondly remember Ron Kittle's career. More importantly, though, they will fondly remember those glasses.

Cleveland Indians


If you know any Indians fans who are also cornhole fiends, you have a lot of options from the Indians' shop. We recommend this set.

Detroit Tigers


What Tigers fan wouldn't want this book about Willie Horton, the People's Champion, autographed by Willie Horton, the People's Champion?

Houston Astros


Are the Astros fans in your life constantly searching for a place to sit down and have a nice meal? With this portable picnic table, the search is over. 

Kansas City Royals


These are sneakers honoring that time Bo Jackson broke a bat over his knee, and they're autographed by Jackson. Yeah, go ahead and check off that Royals fan on your list.

Los Angeles Angels


It's Albert Pujols! As an elf ornament!

Minnesota Twins


We recommended this Joe Mauer superhero cape for Twins fans two years ago. If you didn't get it for your favorite Twins fan then, this is your reminder. If you did, well, why not get one for yourself?

New York Yankees


This plush mustachioed dog probably isn't an homage to Thurman Munson, but you and the Yankees fans in your life can pretend it is.

Oakland A's


With this A's-themed calculator, every fan can do all of those Moneyball calculations in style.

Seattle Mariners


Help Mariners fans stay warm this winter while pretending to be their favorite player.

Tampa Bay Rays


Every Rays fan dreams of being a Canus Manta Whatthefluffalus. Make their dreams come true.

Texas Rangers


What's the meaning behind this flag? Rangers fans will know, trust us.

Toronto Blue Jays


Most teams sell clocks celebrating their home states. The Blue Jays, MLB's lone Canadian team, don't have a home state. They have a home province