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#MLBThePlay: The catch of the summer happened in the Junior League World Championship

Welcome to #MLBThePlay, where we highlight the best plays made by amateur players across the world. You can submit your highlight plays to Play Ball on Instagram or on Twitter, with the hashtag #MLBThePlay. 
The 2017 MLB season has offered us no shortage of outrageous outfield catches. From Austin Jackson's Fenway home run robbery... Byron Buxton's reckless crash into the wall...

...and of course, Mike Trout being Mike Trout.

We've seen some tremendous defense all season long. But perhaps the most incredible play of the year did not happen in a Major League ballpark. Rather, the catch of the year -- and perhaps the decade -- belongs to Jack Regenye, the center fielder from the team from Pennsylvania competing in the Junior League World Series.
In the 4th inning of the championship game against Chinese Taipei, Regenye made a highlight play that he'll be able to brag about forever. Check out the clip above to see our breakdown of Regenye's unbelievable catch.