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Enter the Upside Down with the Montgomery Biscuits' spooky 'Stranger Things' jerseys

In addition to an all-time great game, this year's Super Bowl saw plenty of great commercials, from Jon Lovitz's secret nutritional society to Pop Warner Cam Newton to Christopher Walken doing his best NSYNC impression. For the TV fanatics among us, though, one spot stood above the rest: the first look at season two of Netflix's sci-fi phenomenon Stranger Things.

Eleven, giant spider-monsters, more Dungeons & Dragons -- it's all here (though the lack of Eggo waffles is a bit concerning). There's just one problem: Season two doesn't drop until Halloween.

How will we manage to pass the time for eight months? Luckily, the Montgomery Biscuits are here to help -- by putting the Upside Down on a uniform:

The above will be available during the team's Fright Night on July 7, and the team will even auction one off after the game. No word yet, however, on whether cast member and Red Sox outfielder Andrew Benintendi will make an appearance: